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Youth Icon Competition

To encourage young people’s talents and motivate their creative skills, Silatech is pleased to invite youth of various nationalities, from all walks of life to participate in the Youth Icon Competition to design an icon for the organization.

Who we are

Silatech is an international social development not for profit, non-government organization that works on connecting youth with jobs and resources to establish and sustain successful enterprises. This is achieved through working with national, regional and international partners to provide innovative solutions in Employment and Enterprise Development.

The idea to establish Silatech was born out of a vision of Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, that supporting the future of youth supports all of the society. In 2006, as a member in the High-Level Group and an ambassador in the UN Alliance of Civilizations, Her Highness invited the members in New York to discuss “expanding opportunities for youth. Silatech was formally launched at the Alliance of Civilizations Forum in January 2008 in Madrid, Spain, as an International Development organization that links youth with employment and economic opportunities.

We in Silatech believe that youth have an effective dynamism that contributes to the development of societies in a sustainable and inclusive manner, and from this standpoint the organization aims to address the root causes of instability and insecurity by empowering young people by linking them to career opportunities, when young people achieve the material sufficiency and the means to decent living , it gives them hope for the future, and effectively contribute to the development of their societies and has no reason to resort to extremist groups and orientations.

Silatech has operations in 17 countries, including Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Comoros, to combat unemployment , extremism , marginalization of women and youth and connect the youth with job opportunities , facilitating loans for financing their projects or linking them to finance providers as well as a series of training and qualification programmes to link young people to the labour market, the scope of work has expanded to support the employment of refugees and displaced persons around the world.

“Sila,” in Arabic means “connection; Silatech remains true to its name as it aims to be the the connection between the youth and the labour market and enterprises. Silatech is our name and mission.

Panel of Judges

The judges are experts in the fields of marketing, media and global graphic innovation they will carefully assess and select the best Icon that is compatible with the objective, terms and specifications. The winner will be officially announced by Silatech.


  • Last day of design submission – Thursday 18th October, 2018.
  • Announcement of winner – Sunday 11th November, 2018.

The winner & creator of the icon will participate in launching it at an International event, the light will be shed on his/ her work and design and will gain recognition in international and local media outlets and all Silatech Social Media platforms, along with other prizes to support and motivate the winner in their work.

Terms and conditions of Silatech’s Youth Icon Competition

  1. The contestants must be 18-35 years old, with the design being the work of one person rather than a group, company or institution. (with the possibility of displaying the stages of work from starting the idea through proposals, options and even design.
  2. The design to be inline with the Silatech logo and target group. silatech-logo-set-clear
  3. The design to be innovative and untraditional.
  4. The icon to be creative, simple, original and unique and not depicted from any other design. (Any contestant who submit unoriginal designs will be automatically disqualified)
  5. The icon should demonstrate Silatech’s identity
    Silatech is a non-governmental, international not for profit NGO based in Qatar that works to connect youth to jobs and resources necessary for the establishment and development of their enterprises by providing broad and innovative solutions in the field of employment by working with national, regional and international partners.
  6. The icon should be adaptable and editable to be used for various purposes, Silatech’s collaterals, brochures, posters, newsletters, business cards …etc.
  7. Contestants are allowed to submit ONLY ONE design.
  8. Silatech has the right to ask for changes in design.
  9. All designs will be owned by Silatech, contestants don’t own the designs once they are submitted, therefore they are not allowed to reuse, ask for monetary compensation or claim ownership of design under any circumstance.

How to apply for Silatech’s Youth Icon competition

  1. Contestants should fill out the application form then upload the design on the indicated link – English Application, Arabic Application, French Application.
  2. Contestants should include personal data (name, surname and family name), contact information (contact number and email address).
  3. Icon designs should be submitted in Vector, Ai and EPS formats.
  4. Icon design should be submitted in A4 size, one in color and another one in black & white.
  5. Icon designs should be submitted in different sizes with JPEG & PDF formats.
  6. Contestants to attach demonstrations & explanations of the designs and colors used and their meanings.
  7. Application forms and all requirements to be emailed to
  8. Create and send Dropbox links for large sized files within the email body and include all requirements as listed above.