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Our Identity

Silatech is an international, social, non-profit, non-governmental organization based in the State of Qatar established by Her Highness Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser .

Silatech aims to connect youth in the world with the jobs and resources necessary to establish and develop their projects, by providing comprehensive and innovative solutions in the field of youth employment through working with local, regional and international partners. Silatech’s roles in this field vary depending on the type of the partnership, to include financial, technical or operational contribution, and in some cases, it is the main factor for attracting financial resources from different parties to enhance impact.

Silatech believes that youth are an effective energy that contributes to the social and sustainable development of societies in a sustainable and inclusive manner. Silatech seeks to provide a decent life for young people in the world and through them, and seeks to protect them from the scourges of poverty, unemployment, terrorism and extremist trends this could be achieved through contributions by the Organization in addressing unemployment problems.

This complex challenge requires educating society about the problem of youth unemployment in the world, developing a strategic policy by governments and launching comprehensive media campaigns to encourage and support new ways of thinking to create job opportunities that stimulate business entrepreneurship and create innovative alliances to provide business development services and capital stimulation to invest in small and medium-sized youth businesses. Achieving these objectives requires the collaboration of entrepreneurs and local investors to create the infrastructure to develop new jobs and at the same time find practical ways to create a link between young job seekers and employers looking for qualified and skilled individuals.

Silatech has a wide range of international, regional and local partners in development sectors, banks , civil society institutions, governments and others, as well as international and regional influencers locally and at all levels.