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We support the startup and growth of sustainable, job creating youth enterprises across the countries of our operation. We help young entrepreneurs establish and sustain successful enterprises through providing them with access to finance, business development training, mentorship, and bridging their access to new markets.

In order to reach the largest number of youth, we encourage financial institutions to lend youth to start their businesses through combining technical support and various types of innovative financing instruments. We also help financial institutions design loan products, market their products and services, provide credit officers with focused training programs, and implement best practices to benefit both youth and the institutions. This helps creating of thousands of jobs, enriching the entrepreneurship ecosystem in societies, and reducing youth unemployment.

We achieve our objectives through two main tools: Entrepreneurship and Micro finance. Both tools include financial and non-financial services.


Grants: Contributions made to financial and non-financial institutions, civil society organizations and other relevant organizations.

Lending/Financing: Reinforcing youth lending portfolios to increase youth access to finance.

Investment: Investment in the capital of startup companies that provide youth financing, as well as other related investments that benefit youths.


Capacity Building: Provision of training and mentorship services to entrepreneurs, as well as training of loan officers at financial institutions to better serve youths and cater to their needs.

Technical Assistance: Includes product design and the provision of technical assistance and training services to financial institutions to enable them to better develop and market their products and services to youth.