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Doha, 4thof September 2018:Silatech has created and launched an exciting opportunity for youth from every corner of the world to share their talents in graphic design through the Youth Icon competition.

As part of Silatech’s initiatives aiming at empowering youth and promote their role in their societies, the competition provides a unique opportunity to engage talented youth in designing an icon that represent youth on an international level. The winning design will be adopted as the youth icon of Silatech, an organization that aims to combat youth unemployment and economically empower youth through connecting them to job opportunities and resources.

The competition calls upon youth aged between 18 and 35 to submit their creative design. Deadline for submissions is October 18th, 2018, and the winner will be announced on November 11th, 2018.

The winner & creator of the icon will participate in launching it at an International event, the light will be shed on his/ her work and the design and will gain recognition in international and local media outlets as well as all Silatech social media platforms, along with other prizes to support and motivate the winner in their work.

The jury will be composed of many experts in the art and design field, including experts of

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), a renowned university in the field.

Details of the application process and the terms and conditions are available on Silatech’s website

Silatech seeks to achieve the dreams of youth to live a decent life and achieve a world that allows them to work and participate in the economic development of their societies. It works to connect youth to jobs and economic opportunities and jobs through innovative enterprise development and employment initiatives. Over the last ten years, Silatech has secured around 900,000 jobs for youth in 17 countries.