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Public authority for small and medium enterprises development (Riyada)

International Youth Foundation (IYF)




The Public Authority for Small & Medium Enterprises Development (Riyada) is the Sultanate of Oman’s arm for the development of small and medium enterprises and the strengthening of their contribution to the local economy through a wide range of business advisory services and training programs. Silatech collaborates with Riyada on two program:

1. Policy Program

Silatech collaborated with Riyada to conduct a preliminary study to establish “Entrepreneurship Monitor”, which aims to provide information to decision-makers about the progress entrepreneurs make in Oman and the difficulties they face while establishing or expanding their enterprises. A field research was conducted which included interviews with a group of Omani entrepreneurs, including the winners of the Entrepreneurship award in 2015 and 2016; a joint workshop has been organized on the outcomes of the study and how to institutionalize this type of research and follow-up which support the efforts of entrepreneurship especially in policy.

2. Entrepreneurship Program

Silatech partnered with Riyada to organize a training course titled ‘Build Your Business’ developed by International Youth Foundation (IYF) and Microsoft. A number of Omani trainers have participated in the course as a first step of collaboration between Riyada and Silatech, which lead to execute many programs to support and empower entrepreneurs who won the Entrepreneurship Award provided by the authority to the most distinguished entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprise owners in Oman of that year.

The course focused on capacity building of mentors and counselors in Oman in order to introduce “Establishing Businesses” program to small and medium enterprise owners. In November 2015, the first training course was organized by the authority and supported and supervised by Silatech and IYF.


Silatech has partnered with A’Sharqiya University to help them establish a Career & Employment Center for their students and alumni.  The center will offer Silatech’s Tamheed Career Guidance Program, and will run ongoing workshops and activities to boost the employability and job-search skills of students. The Center will also engage directly with the private sector in order to support internship and job opportunities.