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The Silatech Index: Voices of Young Arabs is Silatech’s and Gallup’s second report on young people’s perceptions about job creation and the business environment in their respective countries.

Gallup and Silatech undertook this study to provide a much-needed resource for Silatech and the Silatech Knowledge Consortium, and to support the efforts of leaders, experts, and policy-makers across the Middle East and North Africa as they address one of the region’s biggest challenges.

Between July and October 2009, Gallup polled more than 18,000 nationals across 20 countries that are members of the League of Arab States and the Somaliland region of Somalia. Of those polled, more than 8,000 are nationals aged 15 to 29. Gallup conducted the previous wave of Silatech index data collection between February and April 2009 (with a total sample of more than 18,000 national respondents, including more than 8,000 youth aged 15 to 29). ¬The survey is conducted twice per year. The first report, which covered research in 19 countries and Somaliland, was published in June 2009.