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The “Tamm” Volunteer Network was launched today at a press conference held in in Hamad bin Khalifa University Student Center. Co-founded by Silatech, the Social Development Centre (SDC), Reach out to Asia (ROTA), and the Qatar Center for Voluntary Activities (QCVA), Tamm was created to promote a shared vision of encouraging youth to give back to society through voluntary work and civic responsibility. The press conference was held in the presence of HE Sheikha Al Mayassa Al Thani, Chairperson of Qatar Museums, the Doha Film Institute and Reach Out to Asia (ROTA).

Tamm, which means “consider it done” in Arabic, brings together the currently existing volunteer programs and initiatives in Qatar into one comprehensive online database. Through the Tamm portal (, young people can search for the volunteer opportunities of most interest to them, understand what they can expect from their volunteer experience, and learn about the many benefits that can be gained through volunteering.

Tamm encourages all organizations interested in volunteering activities and with volunteer programs to join the Tamm network. By doing so, any organization can post its volunteer opportunities on the portal and find the best possible volunteers for their projects.

Tamm provides free training both to volunteers and member organizations, including expert training for youth as they progress from “beginner” to becoming “advanced” volunteers, as well as assistance in choosing the type of volunteer programs that best fit their interests and abilities, including valuable overseas volunteer opportunities. Tamm provides organizations with information about best practices in volunteer programs, and will organize an annual forum to keep member organizations updated on best practices, share experiences and discuss challenges.

In addition to building a shared sense of community and responsibility, volunteer programs give young people the chance to develop skills and gain valuable experience that will benefit them as they enter the working world. Many high schools require volunteering for their students as a requirement for graduation, and Tamm will help students in Qatar to meet these requirements.

According to Silatech CEO Dr. Tarik M. Yousef, “Volunteer programs give us the chance to give back to our community, to gain new friends and share new experiences, and, for young people, the opportunity to grow and develop valuable skills that will help ease their entry into adulthood and the working world. We look forward to strengthening the culture of volunteering in Qatar through the Tamm network.”

Ms. Amal Abdul Latif al-Mannai, Executive Director of the SDC and Chairperson of Tamm, commented “Volunteer work is a very commendable activity. Through people’s donation of their time vital work is achieved that wouldn’t often be otherwise.  That’s why the Social Development Center is proud to be a founding partner of Tamm Portal, through which we strive to involve Qatar’s young men and women in the development and assistance of their community. These programs are not designed to only help beneficiaries, but also to enhance our youth’s sense of belonging to their community, develop their abilities and skills, and provide the opportunity participate in decision making and prioritization, while expressing their thoughts about public issues. We wish all volunteers the best success in their efforts and looking forward to assisting them throughout.”

Essa Al Mannai, ROTA’s Executive Director, said: “ROTA is proud to be a co-founder of the landmark Tamm initiative alongside our good friends Silatech, the Social Development Center and Qatar Center for Voluntary Work. As the first online portal to match volunteers and high quality volunteering opportunities inside Qatar, Tamm makes an invaluable contribution to promoting a culture of volunteerism and social responsibility among the Qatar’s diverse youth. It will allow young people to experience the joys of volunteering, providing yet another opportunity to give back to the country that has given us so much.”

Aisha Al-Kuwari, Chairperson of the Qatar Center for Voluntary Activities, said “Tamm connects organizations interested in volunteering activities together with volunteers in order to bring future partnerships and new volunteer opportunities throughout Qatar. The network unifies the efforts from different organizations and provides them with best practices in volunteer programs. It is an official source to provide rich and fulfilling experience to volunteers, which serve the social, charitable and volunteer work in the country. Tamm will also help Qatar Center for Voluntary Activities in achieving our future plans and will be a centralized source of information and tools for volunteers’ organizations.”