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Silatech, a social organization that works to create jobs and expand economic opportunities for youth in the Arab world, confirms its long-term commitment to support Sudanese youth by securing around one million job opportunities by 2021; this substantial commitment is reiterated by a historical visit to Sudan by Her Highness Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Chairperson of Silatech to launch new partnerships and witness the progress of work on the ground.

Silatech is an international non-profit development organization that works to connect Arab youth, wherever they are, with jobs and the resources necessary to establish and grow their enterprises by providing innovative solutions in employability through collaborating with local, regional and international partners.

The organization plays various roles in its partnerships which may include financial contributions, technical or executive support, and at time acting as a catalyst for attracting financial resources from different entities to promote the impact of its programs.

Established by H.H. Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, Silatech believes that harnessing the potential Arab youth is key to the sustainable economic and social development of Arab societies, and strenuously seeks to provide a decent life for youth and their families; protecting their communities from poverty, unemployment, terrorism, and radicalism.

In this occasion, Ms. Sabah Al Haidoos, Chief Executive Officer of Silatech commented: “Silatech has taken concrete steps in supporting Sudanese youth through creating or sustaining more than Twenty thousand job opportunities; bringing the vision of Her Highness in supporting Arab youth to fulfillment.” She continues: “It is essential that we ensure the implementation of our programs and initiatives in alignment with Sudan’s government strategy and the objectives of global development institutions to eradicate poverty, empower women and achieve gender equality in opportunities, promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, in addition to providing decent and income-generating jobs for everyone.

The organization has launched innovative initiatives in Sudan through strategic partnerships such as its partnerships with Agricultural Bank of Sudan, Sanad charity, Kasala Microfinance Institution, Savings and Social Development Bank and Sudan Rural Development Company. It oversees the progress of work on the ground through its Sudan Country Manager, in addition to multiple high level visits and meetings, with the most recent being a meeting with Major General Abdulrahman Sadiq al-Mahdi, Assistant President of the Republic of Sudan where he confirmed that Silatech’s projects have the full support of the Presidency. The meeting also included reviewing and outlining new projects designed to neutralize youth’s exposure to life risks.

During the recent strategic visit, a new initiative has been launched in partnership with Sanad Charity to support Sudanese graduates in the presence of Her Excellency Mrs. Widad Babiker, Sudan’s first lady and Chairperson of Sanad Charity. It also included a meeting with H.E Field Marshal Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab, Secretary-General of the Board of Trustees of The Islamic Dawa Organization where The Islamic Dawa Organization showcased its activities across 40 offices in the Arab and Islamic countries. H.E expressed the willingness to collaborate with Silatech, praising its great efforts, noble objectives, and expressed his personal gratitude to Qatar which he considers his second home and is looking forward to launch prospective projects with Silatech for the benefit of the country and its people.