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Hasan Al-Daoudi, Palestine

Hasan Al-Daoudi, a 24 year-old Palestinian young man was immediately met with the grim realization that he is likely to be unemployed after earning his Information Technology degree, since the unemployment rate in Gaza stands at 70%. In spite of this, he used his English skills to work as a translator online, to earn the required amount of money needed to complete his college education.

Hasan managed a massive translation project for an Indian company, supervising 30 translators. After the success of this project, he became a manager overseeing the company’s affairs in the Middle East.

Upon completion of his contract, Hasan endeavored to use his network of global professional translators to form his own company. Hence, he contacted Palestine for Credit and Development – FATEN, an organization that assists youth with their career goals through its “Start with Us Youth” program, facilitated in partnership with Silatech.

Having received the required funds, Hasan formed a company of dozens of translators from all around the world and intends to establish a corporate presence to further enhance his outreach and influence.