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Abdi Sahl Dawali, Somalia

Abdi Sahl Dawali, a young man from Somalia, was dreaming of migrating to Europe for a better life. During his journey to Europe he passed through Ethiopia and Libya Abdi spent more than three years in Libya trying to fnd a way to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, but all his attempts ended in failure. “During my stay in Libya, I saw many of my friends get killed while trying to cross the sea. These incidents convinced me to give up on my dream to reach Europe and I decided to return to Somalia,” says Abdi. Upon returning Abdi learned about the Entrepreneurial Loans Program provided by Silatech, the American Refugee Committee (ARC) and Kaah Islamic Microfnance Services. He applied for a loan and founded a cafeteria project in the city of Hargeisa. Abdi worked hard to make his project successful and have a decent life. “Now I have a successful project that changed my life and the living conditions of my family for the better and I also hired three other young people in the project. I have hope for life and I feel that I am an active member in my community”.