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The Egyptian Competitiveness Report 2013

Feb 26, 2014
PDF, 7.17 MB

Towards Sustainable Competitiveness: Restructuring Institutions in Egypt

Produced by the Egyptian National Competitiveness Council and sponsored in part by Silatech, the ninth version of the Egyptian Competitiveness Report focuses on restructuring institutions in Egypt.

Chapter 1: Institutions for Enhanced Competitiveness in Egypt
Chapter 2: Public Spending and Sustainable Competitiveness
Chapter 3: Social Dialogue and Democratic Transition: The Role of Labor Market Institutions
Chapter 4: Egyptian Tourism Competitiveness: A Strategic Vision for Economic and Social Success
Chapter 5: An Overview of Institutional Aspects of Decentralized Territorial Governance in Egypt

Topics: المواضيع: 
  • Knowledge and Research
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Labor or Demographics
Countries: البلدان: 
  • Egypt